My TEDxNTU 2017 Story- Gamechangers

Here’s to the Gamechangers!

This year TEDxNTU 2017 was about the gamechangers- leaders who are disrupting their fields of expertise and spearheading with their new, creative and bold ideas. From discussing about the role of AI in future job interviews to revolutionizing the funeral industry we got to hear them all!

I had the absolute privilege of being part of this fantabulous team who has put in tremendous hard work and months to make this event an amazing success. It is often said that many drops of water make a mighty ocean. I am glad to have been a part of this and got up close and personal with the inspiring speakers of this year to find out what they had to say!

* These are some of the photos taken by the TEDxNTU team. Full collection can be viewed here.

TEDxNTU 2017 partnered with BeLive to capture the moments behind the scenes. Click on the links below to watch my interviews with the speakers of TEDxNTU 2017 during their rehearsals for the event. A big shout out to Vikas Reddu and Kalpesh Chaudhari from the media team for making this happen.

Keep a lookout on the TEDxNTU page for the videos of the speakers where you can dive into new perspectives!

Grab some popcorn and get ready to for an adventure!