Heroes Breaking Barriers

Heroes Breaking Barriers 

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Heroes Breaking Barriers, is a recent project where we celebrate the men and women who are breaking gender stereotypes in their careers and paving the way for young boys and girls to fearlessly follow their passions.

My interview with 938NOW, Singapore’s first and only news, information and music radio station where I share my journey on how I embarked on this new project after Leading Ladies in their Queendom with Charlotte de Drouas!

A truly inspiring woman who pushed on and became the only race car driver in Singapore! Read Claire Jedrek’s story on how she became a race car driver in Singapore and the importance of courage in pursuing your passion even if it means breaking all the stereotypes.

Proudly celebrating Timothy Ng, a ballet dancer who leads by example as he lights the spark for dance in a female dominated environment, dancing with pride, grace and elegance, representing resilience and perseverance to shine with excellence.

An amazing woman, a physiotherapist and a Muay Thai Fighter. Read Nada Khalid’s interview as she speaks about breaking gender stereotypes in her career. A young woman embodying strength, courage, grace and passion, defying the odds to embrace who she really is.