robertaRoberta Chimera
Roberta is an Italian documentary film producer living between Italy and Berlin. She studied Arabic Language and Literature at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice, focusing on Islamic Feminism. In 2005, she founded the film production company CURVATURA10 producing documentaries, shortfilms and videoart works that have been shortlisted in several international film festivals.  She also works in designing storytelling architectures in multiplatform enviroments. This experience has led her to begin a foundation, Rights under the veil, a transmedia project on Islamic Feminism together  with Johara Bellali. The goal is to raise awareness on a progressive movement of Muslim women who are re-interpreting the Quran in a women’s rights perspective, a revolutionary movement which is peacefully fighting for human rights.


salwa.jpgSalwa Shameem
Salwa is a consultant in the non-profit and public service sector and Peabody and Emmy nominated producer based out of the Chicago, Illinois. She recently completed her Master’s in Public Policy from the University of Chicago, focusing on international development policy and sustainable growth in emerging countries. Salwa has reported from the 2015 UN COP21 Climate Change Summit in Paris, France, traveled as far as Vietnam in partnership with the UN Women and University of Chicago International Human Rights Clinic to conduct a fact-finding mission to produce original research surrounding women’s inclusion and rights. She is also passionate about refugee protection and traveled to the Za’atari Refugee camp in Amman, Jordan to better understand the policy environment of delivering education to refugee children. Salwa is currently working on her first independent short documentary series on climate change, environmental justice, and ecological conservation.