Heroes Breaking Barriers- Muay Thai Boxer

 HEROES BREAKING BARRIERS  Introducing an amazing woman on the Heroes Breaking Barriers series, a physiotherapist and a muay thai fighter. Proud to celebrate her success and her journey as she breaks gender stereotypes in her career, paving the way for young men and women to fearlessly follow their passions. A woman with strength, courage, grace… Continue reading Heroes Breaking Barriers- Muay Thai Boxer


      DIGGING DEEP - PODCAST  https://youtu.be/sa4cTgBx3hg My podcast with Touhid Kamal , Digging Deep, Best People Best Conversations is now on air where discuss about my work, my passion, leadership, managing battles and women's empowerment! I definitely do not have the right answers or solutions to questions for each of us go on a completely different… Continue reading DIGGING DEEP PODCAST