So excited to have been a part of Touhid Kamal‘s Podcast- Digging Deep, discussing about my work, my passion, leadership, managing battles and women’s empowerment! Can’t wait for it to be on air on Wednesday, 26th September 2018!

It was one of the most chilled out and relaxing interview I had, it almost felt like a coffee time conversation! Would love to share with everyone about my perspective on those issues!

Thank you for this opportunity to speak a little on my story! 

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Original Post:

“Dear Listeners of Digging Deep!

Thank you for the growing appreciation of my raw work, which drives me to do better and find more meaningful conversations everyday.

For this week’s Podcast, I am hosting Dr. Maisha Reza. She was born in Bangladesh and raised in SIngapore since the age of 4. Dr. Maisha obtained her PhD in skeletal Muscle Biology from Nanyang Technological University and currently a post-doctoral research fellow.

My encounter with Maisha Reza is through Theirworld, where we both hold the Global Youth Ambassadorship as youth and education advocates. It was amazing to see how apart from her education and research, she has been amazing in continuously juggling between several key leadership roles as the current chair of Commonwealth Students’ Association, Global Shaper of World Economic Forum, as well as running her own campaign Breaking Barriers.

So, its a lot of things right? But it will sound so simple when you hear what she has to say. It’s how you build a system to work for you. Not the other way around.

If you are out there, waiting to do a lot of things In life, but still sensing your destination, listen to this. It’s coming on Wednesday, September 26th.”

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