Youth Skills and Innovation Initiative Survey

Young people make up a significant proportion of our population and we are not just the future but also the shapers of our current world. Our voice in shaping policies to enable young people to enter the workforce with the appropriate and relevant and skills is essential. However, young people still suffer from a skills mismatch when they enter the workforce.

We are seeking the voice of young people aged 15 to 29 from around the world. Your voice will be critical in enabling us to gain a deeper understanding on the state of youth skill development and youth employment across the globe. All information will be shared collectively and anonymously in a report to businesses and the private sector and will also be launched during the United Nations General Assembly in September that will provide recommendations for business.

Share your voice and perspective on youth skills and youth employment. If you are between 15 and 29 years old, please click here for a brief 5-minute Global Youth Survey.

This survey is a joint initiative between Deloitte Global and the Global Business Coalition for Education, in exploring the role the private sector is, can, and should play in preparing global youth for work. Through the WorldClass initiative, Deloitte is committed to empower 50 million people to succeed in the changing economy.

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