What If?


Original Post: https://instagram.com/p/BeYKWryF-G0/

“Growing up most of my school holidays would be spent with relatives in Bangladesh. One of my close friends was the daughter of my grandmother’s domestic helper. We would play on our lawn from afternoon until evening prayer call. We’d rush home and I would get my books to begin revisions while her mother would call her into the kitchen to start kneading the dough to make roti for next morning’s breakfast. At the age of 7, I would be tremendously jealous that she would get to play with dough and continue having fun while I had to do the boring activity – study. Years later I realised that what I had was a privilege. She got married at the age of 13, and when I was sitting for my ‘A’ levels, I heard she got a divorce because of her abusive husband and in-laws.

I began to realise that the success we claim to achieve in our lives is nothing but a series of opportunities, privileges and ample resources that were laid out for us, which could have otherwise transformed the lives of girls like hers. The question ‘What if?’ sparked my idea of becoming an entrepreneur – What if she was born in my family instead? She could have been a doctor, lawyer, engineer, pilot, businesswoman, firefighter or anything she wanted to be. And What if I was born in her family? Maybe I would have suffered the same fate? I have since then, decided that as I work in science and contribute to the growing pool of knowledge, I will try in every way possible to empower women and enable quality education for children in underprivileged environments. It is only when we recognise and turn our privilege into a platform for action can we make a significant impact locally and globally.” Maisha Reza, Global Youth Ambassador, Singapore
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