Science- A Journey of Exploration And Discovery

Girls from a village in Bangladesh learning the concept of electricity and circuits through hands-on acitivities

I was waiting at the traffic junction for the green man to flash so that I could cross the road when I overheard (eavesdropped) two schoolgirls having a friendly banter. They were discussing if boys liked girls with longer or shorter hair, and one of them claimed: “According to science, boys like girls with long hair…”

I am not entirely sure if this is true but what I did notice was the silence and withdrawal of the other girl as if, now that science was brought into the conversation like the “Hidden Immunity Idol” in the reality show Survivor, there was no way of winning the discussion. 

This highlighted the bigger issue behind the playful argument. When we hear the word science, what are our immediate thoughts? That is a term loaded with jargon that only “smart” people in specific fields can understand.

To me, science is all about exploration and discovery. My background in scientific research definitely makes me biased towards science – but STEM fields are what will define the future of our countries and economies. 

In this article I discuss how we can integrate science in the lives of underprivileged children in a fun manner and make a difference.

Read more here!

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