Banking on Agriculture for Food Security

starvationWhile world leaders meet in opulent settings to discuss famine and poverty around the globe, it is ironic that we regularly see articles like ‘Four famines mean 20 million may starve in the next six months’.1 Every living thing needs food, water and oxygen to grow; a common introduction to science for kindergarten children. Why then, is a need so basic not met for every individual on this planet? Yemen, South Sudan and Nigeria are experiencing famine now while many African and Middle Eastern nations are rapidly spiralling into severe food insecurity. The road to food security will only become more challenging as the world population is expected to increase to over 9 billion by 20501. Famine does not only mean that millions of people starve to death, it inadvertently leads to a cascade of health issues. Kidney failure and cardiac arrhythmia due to severe dehydration, electrolyte imbalance resulting in a shock to the nervous system and atrophy of skeletal muscle are just a few of the myriad of health problems caused by starvation 2. These problems put a strain on the healthcare system, resulting in increased costs and poorer access to healthcare for people who are already deprived of it.

In this article I write about how agriculture can be maximized to help eradicate hunger and malnutrition.

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