Women have the power to save themselves

 “…many of the women who had been sexually assaulted were actually caught in situations that could either be avoided or escaped from if empowered with the appropriate skill sets” Qin YunQuan

Yunquan profile
YunQuan is the CEO/ Co-founder, Kapap Academy, Co-founder of Modern Street Combatives. She is a KAPAP instructor and a certified Executive Bodyguard. Specializing in ladies and children self-defense, Yunquan teaches the use of specially selected bio-mechanics and principles of engagement that are critical for a smaller person to defend against a much larger opponent. In 2016, she became the first lady in Asia to be certified as a Counter Terror Shooting Instructor by the world renowned, Israeli Tactical School (US). She is also a Weapons instructor in the use of knives, tomahawks and machetes, and in a unique street grappling with knife programme.  She is the first lady in Asia Pacific to be awarded a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by the Gracie Academy, and is a certified Gracie Combatives Instructor. ​In recognition of Yunquan’s contributions to society in helping ordinary people stay safe, she was personally conferred by Her Majesty the Queen of England the status of Queen’s Young Leaders for Singapore (2017). Yunquan, co-founded an eclectic system of street style fighting, known as Modern Street Combatives, which draws upon realistic self-defense systems such as KAPAP, Catch Wrestling, Gracie Combatives, Savate etc.

Did You Know??

Globally, legislation against sexual harassment, rape and violence is present. However, it does not appear to be completely successful in protecting victims from sexual assault or violence. A common public sentiment is to impose stricter regulation and blame the statistics on a lack of education. However, rape and sexual harassment is not just a problem in places with low literacy rates. Nearly 20% of women in the U.S have been raped or have faced rape attempts.1 In Canada, 43% of women have experienced sexual harassment at work.2 The problem exists globally, where 1 in 14 women have been sexually assaulted by someone other than a partner.3 Sexual assault and harassment exists worldwide and is not geographically or culturally confined. These assaults can also take place within families or by people the victims trust, for instance, boyfriends or co-workers. It is a global disease that needs to come to an end.

How can women protect themselves and walk down the streets without fear? What can women do to ensure that they do not fall prey to perpetrators of sexual violence in a public place, at work or at home? I have had the honor of speaking with Qin YunQuan about this issue and how women can protect themselves in a world of growing danger.

A conversation with Qin YunQuan about women and their personal security and safety.

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2 thoughts on “Women have the power to save themselves

  1. Dear maisha reza
    Greetings to you from Eden ministry Uganda. Thanks for the good work you are doing. I would like to partner with your organisation to support the many sexual workers in Uganda to come back home and start some small business.


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