Join me in signing the petition for early childhood education!


By the time a child reaches 5 years old, 90% of their brain has already developed. During that time, they need access to quality care, including the five vital areas – nutrition, health, learning, play and protection

Children from poorer and marginalized homes who are unable to access support are put at a distinct disadvantage. If they start school at five without early years’ support, they will have a limited vocabulary and ability to learn. Developmental differences between those children who have what they need for healthy brains and bodies and those who do not can show up as early as nine months old. The impacts of inadequate care, nutrition and cognitive stimulation during these early months and years can last a lifetime.

Early interventions provide the best chance to give each child an equal chance at success, no matter who they are or where they are born.

Yet, pre-primary is one of the most neglected areas of education aid, receiving less than 1% globally. This severe lack of investment is putting more than 200 million children at a disadvantage, before they even start school.

So join me in signing the petition to encourage world leaders pledge greater investment in early childhood development here!

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