One Woman’s Tale in Overcoming Beauty Standards

Women often feel that they do not deserve love and acceptance from themselves. We have to first overcome the barrier of self-criticism and self-loathe.” Nabila Shahood Din

Nabila is a life coach, personal trainer and public speaker in Singapore. She is a Harvard university speaker and a best-selling author. She is a business & life coach focusing on empowerment for women. She is also a professional beautician & nutrition advisor who has helped many individuals gain their health through natural healing. She is rated top 10% in Klout, an app that uses social media analytics to rate its users according to online social influence via the “klout score”. She attracts all her clients through social media as is one of the top personal beauticians for artistes, beauty queens and celebrities in Singapore. She has groomed individuals from different backgrounds to be more positive, healthy & wealthy and achieve time freedom as a business & life coach. Nabila is leading a team of many other entrepreneur from Generation Y, single mothers, housewives, and professional working adults focusing on personal development, wellness in a global online business platform

Did You Know??

Cosmetic interventions in the UK were worth 3.6 billion as of 2015, up from 2.3 billion in 2010.It is not a surprise that more than 90% of the customers happen to be women.2Women are prepared to go under the knife to attain a look that they perceive to be beautiful. Media and culture play a vital role in shaping our perception of beauty. For instance, in Asian countries like Japan or China, light skinned and petite women are considered beautiful. Cute or ‘kawaii’ in Japanese seem to be the ideal look for a young lady; to be extremely feminine and submissive. There is a proverb in Japanese that say ‘white skin covers the seven flaws’.3Indian television and movies are saturated with whitening creams and light skinned actresses.

The media and advertising companies tend to sell a mirage to women; unattainable beauty standards that women chase after. Models in advertisement media often do not resemble their real selves and are heavily photo-shopped or airbrushed to meet the idealized and worshipped beauty standard. Young girls who are exposed to these messages are heavily influenced and tend to undergo body image issues, eating disorders and low self-esteem. Globally, we are facing a body image crisis today which, affects millions of girls and women around the world. Over 10 million women in the UK report that they are depressed about body image.4 To discuss the negative effects the unattainable beauty standards can have on young girls, I was delighted to speak with Nabila about her journey growing up.

A conversation about women and their relationship with a uniform standard of beauty, an obstacle for women’s success with Nabila Shahood Din.

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