One Woman’s Tale in Overcoming Beauty Standards

“Women often feel that they do not deserve love and acceptance from themselves. We have to first overcome the barrier of self-criticism and self-loathe.” Nabila Shahood Din Nabila is a life coach, personal trainer and public speaker in Singapore. She is a Harvard university speaker and a best-selling author. She is a business & life… Continue reading One Woman’s Tale in Overcoming Beauty Standards

The “Joan of Arc of Blockchain”

Did You Know?? The McKinsey Global Institute reported that advancing women’s equality could contribute $12 trillion at full potential; that is greater than the economic growth of China and India combined.1 Moreover, Karen Mason, who was the Director of Gender and Development at the World Bank, showed that gender equality in capacity and access to… Continue reading The “Joan of Arc of Blockchain”

The Powerhouse of Politics

Did You Know?? Over the last 20 years, the number of women in parliament have doubled. However, as of June 2016, only 22.8 per cent of all national parliamentarians were women.1 It is essential to ensure that women are well represented in parliament. Gender diversity brings about important changes: Research on local governments in India revealed… Continue reading The Powerhouse of Politics

Leading Ladies in their Queendom

Hello friends, I will begin by posting about my interview series from the 6th of August- which is in 2 days! Before I send you the interviews of these amazing young women, let me share with you why I decided to embark on this project: Growing up in Singapore, I have had the privilege of… Continue reading Leading Ladies in their Queendom